Still alive.



Reasons for reviving this blog:

1. Reports speculate that people without Facebook are psychopaths. I am trying to work against that by establishing a concrete online presence.

2. I am often asked if I am dead because of my absence on social media and inability to reply text messages on time. I can never tell if people are joking.

3. I have about three blogs now. This will be the public one, the other is a personal one and the last is a private one. All previous blogs suffered from perennial photo droughts. I therefore strive to document a more…idk, visual existence here?

4. This will be a space to store positive, happy stuff like gifs, photographs, quotes, scenes from films, books, games, music, videos, trivia, screenshots etc. Pictures taken by yours truly will suck for I am no photographer and depend mostly on dodgy phone cameras.

5. This blog is an attempt to compartmentalize my many “selves” ie. the self that turns to words (personal) vs the self that turns to images (not impersonal, but less personal), the private self (full of rants, too confessional for her own good, knows nothing about the bright side of life let alone life, stark and vulnerable, obtrusive) vs the public self (rant-free, non-confessional, always looking on the bright side of life, fortified and impenetrable, unobtrusive), the cluttered vs curated self – you know, all that true vs socially appropriate self nonsense.

6. Here, I plan to ‘microblog’ or speak through images (less words though). I might occasionally slip in a microthought or two but hopefully that doesn’t risk a “diffusion” of selves.

7.1. I am too attached to this url to make it a throwaway one.

8.1 I want to tell you as much about myself with as little. I guess I will recount the what’s without mentioning the why’s or the who’s.

8.2. Not a reason but an observation: all my blogs have different site titles but the same damn theme and the same damn picture of a galaxy in different colours as the header image. This one is a burst of some blue, maroon, purple and green, the personal one is a neutral brown with splashes of blue and the private one is a dark indigo. Very big deal, I know. Anyway a friend once pointed out that while I am a huge disorganized mess, I can be a bit too consistent in my habits, leading people to think that I am more organized than I really am haha.

So dear Internet, I am still alive.


*cue the Portal song*