Into the Woods.

Just caught this and liked it a lot more than I expected to.

– writing & lyrics = brilliant

– a bit too lengthy though. lost interest in some of the characters

– humour is A+

– the princes are A+ too. In this movie, they don’t slay giants or do anything remotely heroic but make parodies of themselves (the melodramatic, lovesick Duke Orsino type awaiting his fair maiden to return his affections) in numbers like “Agony”, while ripping their shirts and battling it out over who has the prettier chest

– Rapunzel’s prince to Cinderella’s prince: “Agonyyyyyyy far more painful than yours. When you know she would go with you, if there only were doors.”

The film and original hahahaha


– and Prince Charming who cannot keep it in his pants is equally self-aware: “I was raised to be charming, not sincere.”

– good luck resisting Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk aka the guy who is effortlessly attractive

– Anna Kendrick is perfect as Cinderella! “My father’s house was a nightmare…your house a dream. Now I want something in between.” Ok cheesy but still

Into the Woods’ Cinderella > Cinderella in 2015’s Cinderella –> I will be frank with you. This was a bore.

– loved the witch’s costume: