Caught Terminator Genisys and it takes a spin on the original premise of Terminator + has several writing loopholes which are conveniently covered up with this concluding voice-over: “There remain questions without answers,” or something like that, making for laughable sequel bait.

Summary of the original Terminator:

Guy A hands Guy B a picture of a woman and says “hey dis mah mom she smokin hot if you ever in town (what he really means is: “if you’re ever time-travelling back to the past”) bruh you should hit her up”

Things happen and somehow Guy B is sent back into the past so he can find Guy A’s Mom to protect her to ensure the existence of Guy A because Guy A is very important to mankind’s future.

Guy B and Guy A’s Mom meet and have this to-bang-or-not-to-bang sexual tension going on.

Eventually they do bang because it’s Hollywood and also because in almost all of James Cameron’s films, the lead characters have a high probability of banging (please see Avatar, Titanic).

Guy A’s Mom gets pregnant and Guy B turns out to be Guy A’s Dad hohoho well aren’t we all a big happy family now

The Terminator aka I Banged Your Mom And I Liked It aka I Am Your Father

Oh and robots are involved – I forgot to mention that.