heather and trevor

  • currently staring at a blank MS Word document. My essay is due on Thursday and I haven’t a clue on how to begin
  • alternating between Tchaikovsky and The Hollies. I also finally gave death metal a listen. It used to make as much sense to me as Yoko Ono’s singing (/crying constipated orgasms into the microphone – Cut Piece was interesting but I will never get her singing lol) and was thus surprised to learn that i) they scream actual lyrics and ii), death metal is a good companion for when you are stuck with 39874983691 essays to write, helpfully expressing all the pent-up stress incurred from trying to meet deadlines
  • concluded this afternoon that I am the most ill-educated person when it comes to music; unlike films and lit, music for me is processed on a purely superficial, experiential basis. I rarely give much thought to why I like what I like

Pic from J’s 21st. Happy 21 years on Earth and 8 years of friendship. :)