under the skin

I have been watching “Gravity Falls”. Stan is my favourite character. Alex Hirsch is insanely talented. Hard-boiled eggs are the best kind of eggs. I had a dream last night about zombies. I dreamt that I directed a very European zombie “art film”. Characters philosophized about death. The zombies were allegorical. (Because it is an “art film”. Remember?) There was nudity. Like most art films that throw in nudity to make a statement. There was a scene about a male model who was turning into a zombie. Before the apocalypse he posed nude for a living. His flesh started to rot. His body shrivelled up. He lamented the loss of his fine physique. He sat in the bathroom crying. The whole scene dragged on for twenty minutes. Critics thought it was “a radically honest portrayal of human desperation”.

Sentences are strange. This is what people would type like if we forgot how to use conjunctions. Commas. Colons. Semicolons. Dashes. I caught “Under the Skin” the other day. Wikipedia calls it a science-fiction horror art film. It is essentially an art film. The fact that I did not call this art film an “art film” means that I quite liked it. Here is a memorable scene depicting how I feel in my own body: (the colon says hello)