bad photography cont’d

Fig 1. Sunset

VivoCity Rooftop meals est. 2014. :) LY + YL + their striped shirts HAHAHAH sartorial telepathy = sign of true friendship. Summary: Gong Cha Milk Matcha Tea indulgence. Trying to decide if we should watch “Fallen” – which looks like a very bad “Vampire Academy” rip-off, except they replaced vampires with angels – just for laughs. We have love stories about mermaids, angels, vampires, elves, werewolves, ghosts, and fairies. Where is the movie about the goblin that falls in love with the orc? When I caught “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” a few weeks ago, I thought, love stories would be written for the Emmas and the Olives, but never for the Claires. Emma floats. Olive is pyrokinetic. Claire has an extra menacing-looking mouth on the back of her head. I liked the film, but after the scene of Jake and the children gathered at the dinner table, and Claire being too embarrassed to “feed” her extra mouth front of him, I couldn’t help but think that films are always about the less peculiar of the peculiar characters.

Visiting Toys “R” Us after failing to decide on a movie. YL running over to the Gundam section like a nerd. LY and I talking about Barbies and how strange they look today. I have concluded that I like taking pictures more than appearing in them, despite the fact that I can’t make even sunsets look good (see Fig 1.), or really take anyone’s portrait from a flattering angle. Columbus says, “Rule number thirty-two: Enjoy the little things,” as he watches Tallahassee bite into the last Twinkie on a zombie-ridden earth.

3k words + 2 final papers and I am freeeeeee