Everyone always says red-green colourblindness, but colourblindness is a misunderstood thing, because it’s not that you see in black-or-white – you just confuse colours. And whatever colour that is, it looks very beautiful to me.

The color that Yves Klein does. Wet paint has a luminosity that dies when it dries and it loses the gloss. So Yves created this color scientifically that retains that luminosity. He was a big showman, so he got it copyrighted. The color is called IKB-International Klein Blue. And it sounds all bullshit-y and ridiculous, but when you stand in front of those canvases, the color is sublime and dumbfounding. So that specific color is my favorite color in the world…I talk passionately about that color and then people go “But you’re colorblind.” And I go, “I know. I don’t know what I see but I see it and I like it.”