family planning in skyrim:

  • ^ best thing I have read all day
  • I still remember slaying the chicken the first time I stepped into Riverwood and the whole village going apeshit on me
  • and me being terrified of all the chickens in Skyrim after that
  • I was basically being a chicken about chickens
  • moral dilemma regarding Paarthurnax – to kill or not to kill?
  • decided he was too wonderful and that no harm should come to him under my watch
  • so he’s still there, sitting atop the Throat of the World, like the cute spikeball dragon he is, and I pay him the occasional visit
  • oh and other fond memories include getting rid of Lydia as a follower
  • but then you realize that she has grown on you over the course of the game
  • you start to feel bad about asking her to gtfo of your sight
  • and you like Cicero but he talks way too much sometimes
  • so you get Lydia back only to regret not being more adventurous in your choice of NPC companionship
  • and so you think about getting rid of her again
  • history repeats itself
  • I call this The Lydia Effect